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Avoid Junk Food

Dear parents                                                                       


I take this opportunity to assure you about the development, your ward is making in our preschool. The most dearest and precious to us are our children and it is therefore obligatory for us to see and care for them in the best possible way. Apart from our primary duties of bringing them up with a sound mind, we have to be sensitive enough for the development of their bodies and analyse seriously what they eat and what they watch during these early years, as it is directly linked to the overall health.

    It may seem convenient for the parents to offer easily available foods to the child for their convenience and ease but research and study has proved that most of these foods are junk and lead to a variety of health problems including serious damage to the brain. The worrying part is that it not only  leads to poor eating thus depleting body of the essential nutrients, but regular consumption of junk food even for few days can lead to a mental meltdown, obesity, dental cavities, type 2 diabetes, memory loss, poor learning and sometimes depression.

                                  A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2011, showed that healthy people who ate junk for only five days performed poorly on cognitive tests that measured attention, speed and mood. It concludes that eating junk can deteriorate memory of a person. It makes a child impatient .These foods are laden with preservatives like sodium benzoate which tends to make a child hyperactive.

   So let us all pledge that we will not let our child fall prey to such detrimental foods and in case we receive such foods in school, our policy would be simply to destroy them.


Looking forward for your co-operation and support to work for  raising a healthy generation.


Sheema shah


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